Research Programs

Research Programs that will be developed within the RTE Chair will evolve over time and will concern the general theme of digital transformation of electricity networks. Four Research Programs  are currently developed:

  • “Payoff-oriented communications for the energy transmission networks”. Researchers involved: Martin HENNEBEL (GEEPS), Samson LASAULCE (L2S), Patrick PANCIATICI (RTE), Vincent POOR (Princeton University), Hamed MOHSENIAN-RAD (University of California), Lucas SALUDJIAN (RTE), Yifei SUN (L2S),  Chao ZHANG (L2S),  Hang ZOU (L2S).
  • “Fog computing algorithms and architectures for monitoring energy distribution networks”. Researchers involved: Michel KIEFFER (L2S), Jean MAEGHT (RTE), Pablo PIANTANIDA (L2S), Zuxing LI (L2S).
  • “Large dynamical Boolean networks : modeling, classification, and learning”.   Researchers involved: Antoine GIRARD (L2S), Mauricio GONZALEZ (L2S), Samson LASAULCE (L2S), Pan LIU (L2S), Patrick PANCIATICI (RTE), Thibault PREVOST, Stéphane KUI (CIDRE),  Eric TOTEL (CIDRE), Yixuan YAO (L2S).
  • “Design of algorithms for managing congestion and energy storage in smart grids”. Researchers involved: Jean MAEGHT (RTE),  Sorin OLARU (L2S),  Patrick PANCIATICI (RTE),  Clémentine STRAUB (RTE), Thibault PREVOST (RTE).